Daniel "Denial" Morgan Announced as New General Manager

Daniel "Denial" Morgan, General Manager of Roseclan Gaming.

Today we are excited to announce officially that Daniel "Denial" Morgan has received a new position here at Roseclan Gaming. From here on out, Daniel will be our General Manager, taking care of our Call of Duty roster and more. Daniel has been with us since earlier this year, played for us at Ft. Worth, and stuck with us and stayed loyal to the brand.

"We're ready to expand the brand this coming year, and there's nobody else I'd rather have with me by my side than my brother Daniel..." said Wolfgod, the CEO of Roseclan Gaming. "Daniel's passion and commitment to not just the brand, but to the players we have brought on, have made the decision of making him GM easier. And with our expansion into new titles soon, I know Daniel will be helping the brand grow."

More on this announcement will be discussed in Episode 5 of The Dream, coming out early October.

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