Florida Fury: 2020

Roseclan Gaming has gone under an obvious makeover in the last few weeks. Now dubbed The Florida Fury, we have started a new era in our story, and we are excited to share the details with you all. In this article, there will be numerous topics, ranging from competing to content, and we hope we can answer many questions you may have.


The rebranding to The Florida Fury has been in the works since the end of July 2019. The name and logo represent a lot to Wolfgod, the team owner, and it holds a special place in his heart. The Florida Fury branding was done by @MeHaileyB (follow her on Twitter). If you want to show your support to The Florida Fury, we will have a Dropbox link where you can download our wallpapers and other media for free.


2020 has proven to be a weird year for The Florida Fury. The executive decision to not compete this year came down to timing and the COVID-19 disease currently plaguing our world. With cancellations of major esports tournaments, The Florida Fury decided that competitive is not in the current future. However, the new FPS title from Riot, Valorant, has proven itself to be the next evolution of FPS esports, so keep an eye on us this summer when Valorant gets released.


Content has always been an important staple to our organization. Content under The Florida Fury will still stay the same, but will be more frequent. With most of our members streaming on Twitch, to some uploading to Youtube (videos coming to the Florida Fury YouTube page very soon), we have begun our journey into the "full-time" content creation world. Expect vides on our members pages and social medias coming soon.


Here are a few things to expect from us in 2020:

1. Content on Twitch and YouTube

2. Merchandise from our partners at StillAtWar

3. Online tournaments with cash prizes hosted by us (Call of Duty for now but looking to expand into other games like NBA 2k, Madden, and other FPS titles)

4. Sniping Clan for Call of Duty (yup)


With all these talks about the present, what about the future? What do we have in store for 2021? Well, quite a few things.

1. Our return to competitive - meaning we will be back competing next CoD season, and maybe bringing other titles into the Fury Family.

2. More merchandise - merch is huge to us and building our brand. Expect more of that come 2021.

3. Outreach - this is a topic that is early on, but we at The Florida Fury want to give back in some capacity. With the GamerPalooza events we've held in the past, we would like to do more in the community. Stay tuned for that.

I hope everyone's questions were answered with this article. We here at The Florida Fury can't wait for you to join us on our journey!

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