Our Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Roster (so far)

For Modern Warfare, we took a much needed break from the competitive scene. From the COVID-19 pandemic to our own personal reasons, it just wasn't meant to be for Florida Fury to compete this season. However, things change, and we are excited to announce we are back and we are ready for the Black Ops: Cold War season.

To kick things off, lets first talk about the first of our two (yes, two) rosters: the CADET Program. The CADET Program is led by Zach "Zorbiiy" Bryant, a young phenom in the making. We picked up Zorbiiy after his performance in the 2v2 Gunfight tournament earlier this year, and his team-up with returning member Joseph "Cerberus" Diaz. Zorbiiy will be captain of the CADET Program and we hope to build a foundation for future players to come.

For our CDL Challengers roster, we have brought on Chayse "MrBill" Billie, who has led his squad "Florida1$hot" to many Warzone victories. We picked up MrBill when Joseph mentioned to management about his team and how talented they were at Call of Duty. We are excited for MrBill to be joining us here at the Florida Fury!

Returning from our Black Ops 4 roster, Joseph "Cerberus" Diaz will be the captain of the CDL Challengers roster. A multi-talented competitor, from Dota 2 to Overwatch, Cerberus is deadly on the sticks when it comes to Call of Duty. He is never afraid to clutch a 1v? situation, to him, it is second nature.

We are excited to be coming back for Cold War this year. We have more roster announcements to come but for now, stay safe, and #FeelTheFury!

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